Centrifugal Fan And System

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Centrifugal Fan

Price: 25000.00 INR/Piece

The Centrifugal Fan increases the volume & speed of an air stream with rotating impellers. The fan is considered as a power-efficient and durable air pollution control unit.

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Fume Exhaust System Fans

Price: 500000 INR/Inch

A fume hood or fume removal system is a system used to capture hazardous chemical vapors, gases, dust, mists, kitchen smoke and metal fumes in a work process. These systems help eliminate or lower human exposure to hazardous fumes.

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Fume Extraction System

Price: 750000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1-2 Week
  • Supply Ability:1 Per Week
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Commercial Centrifugal Fan

Price: 50000 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:2-4 Per Week
  • Blade Material:Mild Steel
  • Remote Operated:No
  • Speed Mode:rpm
  • Color:Simens gray
  • Power:4.5 - 18 Ampere (amp)
  • Power Source:Electrical
  • No. Of Blades:12-36
  • Type:Ventilation Fan
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Industrial Centrifugal Fan

Price: 50000 INR/Piece

Featuring radial blades, the Industrial Centrifugal Fan ensures a constant flow of air to make it fit for dust control applications.


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